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Klarenbeek Transport

Consolidated transport Europe

Klarenbeek Transport organises consolidated transport to several fixed destinations in Europe. Thanks to our walk-in coolers and freezers for temporary storage, we are able to deliver fresh and frozen products daily. Products that are loaded today before 16.00, arrive in Great Britain tomorrow. Anything from a single pallet to a full load. We can deliver to destinations in Ireland within 2 days. We also carry out shipments to Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Germany.

Eastern Europe

Transport from Eastern or Southern Europe to Britain or Ireland? From centrally located Stroe, we are happy to provide the second stretch of the shipment. Modern loading docks guarantee a minimal waste of temperature during transhipment. Besides consolidated transport, we also have options for container shipment.

Modern fleet

Our modern fleet meets the most severe standards, so we have access to all areas with restricted eco-access. Cabs with on-board computer and multi-temp trailers with digital temperature registration guarantee high-quality transport. If required, we provide you with a print-out of registered temperatures in the trailer during transport.